[re]church || becoming a church for the world

Sunday 11 June, & Saturday 5 August, 2017

As you may know, Nikki and I (through Christ’s Pieces) have been grappling for some time with what it means to be the church at this cultural cross-road. But we’re only a small community among *many* across Brisbane who are asking the same kinds of questions.

SO, Paul Wetzig (Churches of Christ), Scott Guyatt (Uniting Church) and myself (loosely Baptist!) thought it high time to make some rallying points so we can share the journey, and together consider what it means to become a “church” that exists for the sake of the world. As a handle, I’ve called this [re]church. Whatever you call it, we would *love* to have you involved. … Whether you’re out on a limb, loosely connected with an experimental house church, or part of a mainstream fellowship but looking to innovate and experiment toward a more faithful and fruitful expression of the community of God in this time and place, we’re keen to connect!

I’ll pass onto Paul’s invitation, with all the key details. Stay tuned!


DAVE BENSON (Director Malyon Traverse)


From: Paul Wetzig <>
Subject: [re]church | invitation for our gatherings June 11, August 5


Dear friends,

Over the last few years, we have been meeting and working with groups and individuals within our particular denominations, and more broadly in the wider community, who are exploring and experimenting with how and what the Church might look like in our rapidly changing world.

As we’ve met with you and others, we have realised that there would be a significant benefit in bringing us all together to share and grow from our experiences and to explore what “Church” is and how it engages in the world to create flourishing communities that reflect “the Kingdom Come”

To this end, we would like to invite you to a couple of events that we will be hosting in the next few months.

Initially we would love to invite you, your family, and anyone from your Church community, to join us at Newfarm Park, meeting at/near the Rotunda on Sunday 11 June 2:30-4:30pm for an afternoon to gather and get to know each other and talk briefly about our thoughts on the article “5 Signs of the Parish Movement”.

While this article is set in a US context, it does raise some important questions regarding what the future of Church might look like and where genuine signs of Kingdom hope might be found.
We would also like to invite you and any of your communities key leaders, to join us for a more in depth and collaborative exploration of what the Church might look like in the near future on Saturday 5 August 12:00-5:00pm. We will provide more information as we move closer to that date.

If you know of others who might appreciate being part of either of these gatherings, please feel free to forward this email on to them by way of invitation and if you would like to join us at either of these events, please let us know by 4 June.

We want to thank you and honour you for the work that you are doing on the leading edges of mission in our community and pray that God would continue to bless you as you seek to see His Kindgom come.


Paul Wetzig

Mission Action Support

Mission Development

Churches of Christ in Queensland

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