Like a set of maps these courses will help equip your Church in understanding, navigating and biblically engaging with the world we live in.

Embracing the heart-beat of the kingdom of God, Malyon Theological College has made these five courses FREELY available. Read. Learn. Imbibe. But don’t discount community as a context for real growth. If you’re able to study some of these courses at the college you cannot replace the value of engaging with lecturers and with a cohort of other passionate students that will spark you to grow. Check out the Malyon website and explore enrolling today!

Christian Evangelism

This unit gives an excellent biblical and practical introduction to evangelism. It looks at numerous questions and issues including:

  • What is the gospel message?
  • What is the connection between God’s sovereignty and human freedom in evangelism?
  • What hinders productive evangelism?
  • Is everyone an evangelist? What is the role of an evangelist?
  • How can I powerfully communicate my faith?
  • What varieties of evangelism can be effective in different contexts? And what about small group evangelism and mass evangelism?

Christian Apologetics

This unit provides an introduction and overview to Christian Apologetics. It investigates a variety of issues:

  • How does apologetics relate to theology and the study of religion and mission?
  • What intellectual attacks has Christianity received and what were the responses?
  • What is the nature of truth?
  • Are the Christian Scriptures reliable?
  • What is the historical evidence for Christ, His resurrection, and the rise of the church?
  • What about evil and suffering?

Christian Worldview

The Christian Worldview unit teaches about biblical, theological, and practical issues concerning one’s worldview. It covers a number of issues:

  • What is a worldview?
  • How is a worldview formed or changed?
  • How should a Christian view and engage the world?
  • What are the distinct features of a Christian worldview?
  • Can there be variations within a Christian worldview?
  • How does a worldview affect different areas of life?

Theology of Everyday Life

The Theology of Everyday Life unit teaches how to bring theology to bear on every aspect of life, aligning beliefs and behaviours to the glory of God in the conviction that all of life matters–even the mundane matter. The course includes:

  • Theological reflection on everyday life
  • A critical personal reflection on how you live everyday life
  • Bringing these practices into dialogue with sources of wisdom, particularly the Christian Scriptures and traditions
  • A challenge to more faithful praxis or practices that reflect the Christian spiritual rhythms
  • Mapping a pathway that incorporates work, reflection, relaxation, and devotion in the life of the Christian

Integrating Faith and Work

We have created this course to enable students to explore the theological, cultural and pragmatic principles undergirding the integration of faith and work, toward restraining sin and promoting shalom.

  • What is “vocational stewardship”?
  • A biblical/narrative and historical theology of vocation
  • The macroeconomic context for contemporary vocation
  • Discovering and orienting your call
  • Forming spirituality for shalom
  • Deploying vocational power
  • The nature, context, income and product dimensions of your vocation
  • Joining in God’s providential, revelatory, justice, redemptive, compassionate and creative work in the world
  • Celebrating shalom, balancing work and rest