3 Reasons Why Brisbane Needs Gospel Events

Do we really need another event? The evangelical scene is littered with conferences and events 365 days a year. Those wearied by this event culture tend to write it off as the product of a consumerist era, or as a fly-in fly-out whirlwind to stroke the ego of a speaker. They’re suspect as to whether […]

Why I Trust the Bible

Objections abound concerning the truth and relevance of the Christian Bible. Isn’t it out-dated? Hasn’t the text been corrupted? Didn’t the church embellish the stories to suit their political/theological ends? Arising from the arenas of textual studies, history, psychology, science, metaphysics, anthropology, archaeology, ethics, or philosophy, myriad arguments are launched against the Christian claim that the […]

3 Ways to Spread Scripture

Here’s my story: I became a Christian through reading the Bible. After starting in the first pages of Genesis and laboriously trudging through a book that raised more questions than it answered, I eventually was captivated by the towering figure of Jesus of Nazareth in the four gospels. Coming to trust the credibility of Jesus’ […]

God and Science: Friends or Foes #3

For the past two weeks I’ve explored whether the history and philosophy of science are at war with belief in God. The final bastion in which the conflict hypothesis has taken shelter is admittedly the most formidable for the Christian—the results of science. ATHEISM 2.0: The God Hypothesis is Unnecessary Before the dawn of modern […]

Christianity & Suffering (1 of 4)

THE JOURNEY: Encountering Suffering At only 9 years of age my life was thrown into chaos. Growing up in the West you’re inculcated with a sense of immortality. We eschew pain and pursue pleasure at all costs. That is, until, this naïve perspective is devastated by a painful collision with reality. Here’s a thumbnail of […]

Lighting Faith Not Fires In A Pluralistic Context

Is it possible to share your faith amidst a sea of beliefs without unnecessarily stoking the fires of religious discord? Check out a few resources (videos and articles) to spur you to better practice… Logos Talk – Many Paths, One Door Logos Talk – Is Christian Mission Good For The World? Lausanne Commitment – Bearing […]

Gospel, Culture, and Homosexuality

Christians cannot ignore the ethical challenges posed to us by culture. At this moment in the West broadly, and in Australia in particular, the question of same-sex relationships stands at the forefront of public debate. The tide of moral revision on this issue in the last generation seems to crash against the traditional Christian teaching […]

Hope Through Suffering (4 of 4)

ARRIVING HOME: Jesus Finds Me It’s time for the final leg of my journey to make sense of suffering—the homecoming. If other worldviews can’t answer suffering meaningfully, and if our expectations and experience of suffering don’t disprove but rather point towards God’s existence, can a wounded traveller have faith in a loving God? Imagine this […]

Why Suffering?

“Christians over the centuries have dug such deep wells theologically, philosophically, and pastorally than I could ever hope to exhaust in speaking to suffering. What I do hope is that by offering you a taste of these wells, you may be awakened to something of the healing and hope that can be found in the cross […]

Why Believe Anything At All

Belief is fundamental to being human. We cannot function without holding basic beliefs like the belief that I’m currently writing this blog and not plugged into the matrix. Moving from mere function to framework, however, our core identity is shaped by a deeper set of beliefs concerning our origins, meaning, morality, and destiny. Who you […]