Our Beginnings

The Birth of Traverse

While Christianity is on the rise in the majority world, the Church, that’s the people of God not just an institution, is struggling in the West. The average person is post-Christian in attitude, but pre-Christian in understanding. If there’s an Australian religion, it’s ‘apa-thea’: most simply don’t care, and are getting on with their life apart from God. Adding to this challenge is a fast changing world. We need reliable guides to get our bearings and map the territory. We need new words and ways to reach this culture, and halt the secular slide. We need transforming practices and real models to imagine every facet of life as aimed at the Kingdom of God. The need is obvious – there’s a gulf between Church and culture – that’s where Traverse fits in. Malyon College, through generous funding by Christian educators John and Effie Munday, have set up Traverse: the Malyon Centre for Bridging Church and Culture.


More about the Mundays

Rev. Dr. Albert John Munday, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., 1928-2001, enjoyed a dual role serving God as teacher and Baptist preacher for over 50 years, first as a student, then a primary teacher, Baptist pastor, lecturer, friend, husband and father. By age 43 he had reached great fulfilment as with his two daughters Ruth and Stephanie, and wife Effie, he led a small church in growth and service while educating students in a state institution to qualify as teachers. He was a worker pastor, a tentmaker like Paul, with a passion to preach and teach (especially children, conducting numerous vacation Bible schools). He retired at 60 to devote his life to helping establish an Australian Christian university founded on the Christian worldview, initially to be centred on teacher education. (Sadly, this institution never became a reality.) On December 4, 2001 , John was quietly conducted from his cancer-ridden body to his heavenly accommodation as promised by his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.