God and Science: Friends or Foes #2

Following on from our last blog, the history of science seems to present a deep concord between the rise of science and belief in God. Perhaps, however, this is just coincidence. Maybe God and science are at war in a different arena—the philosophy of science. After all, surely the assumptions enabling the scientist to engage […]

Is God Attractive?

Forget the renaissance art or the hipster images of Jesus you have seen floating around the web. The truth is that Jesus probably wouldn’t make the cover of Men’s Fitness or onto the shoot of a Ralph Lauren advertising campaign. Roughly 700 years before Jesus was born the Hebrew prophet Isaiah predicted that Jesus would look like […]

Evacuating the Christian Bubble

Any Seinfeld fans out there?  I recognize I may have just halved my already small readership by appealing to a sitcom from the last century … but too bad!  Seinfeld is probably my favourite show ever aired on TV.  The humour usually hinges on irony, exposing some disconnect between what one says and what one […]

Knowing Culture

To traverse the gap between church and culture we not only need to know what we believe, but what our culture believes. This research by Mark McCrindle and Olive Tree Media offers a helpful summary of key beliefs and barriers to the gospel in Australia. Check out his summary in the Australian Communities Report…   […]

Jesus As Saviour

How should you talk about Jesus’ person and work? Given last week’s blog about how the gospel needs to be commended before it is defended, what do people really need to hear for the gospel to be seen as GOOD NEWS? I want to suggest the first of two images in building a healthy gospel, […]

Worldview Webs

Every person has a set of beliefs that helps them make sense of the world (even if they haven’t properly thought it through). This is called a Worldview. The sorts of beliefs that go into forming someone’s worldview are usually based around responses to a series of BIG questions—the same ones philosophers have been asking […]

Good News that Crosses the Divide

For those of you I’ve never met, my name is Dave Benson. One of the roles I’ve had over the years was as the “Evangelism Pastor” for a church in Brisbane. This position was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing, because I was paid to spend most of my time mulling […]

Reasonable Faith

Is faith blind? This is what millions of emerging atheists (no God), and even more agnostics (not sure about God), think about Christians—they just believe in the absence of any evidence. Armed with this definition of faith, these skeptics come to the Bible and see Jesus say to Thomas, “don’t doubt, just believe!” (John 20), […]

God Is At Work

If you were the Son of God—with thirty-three years to save the world—how would you invest your time? If it were me, I’d kick off with some spectacular show to draw attention, and then stick it to the guys in power to reclaim my kingdom. No dilly dallying, right? Out with the mundane, and in […]