About the Logos team:

The Logos team are an evangelistic ministry with an apologetic edge. Drawn together from a variety of backgrounds and vocations, this think tank of Christians, predominantly based at Kenmore Baptist Church, are keen to share the Christian faith persuasively. Convinced that Jesus is the light that illuminates every man (John 1:9), the Logos team are committed to researching and presenting quality talks on key issues and cultural objections to Christianity, seeking to engage both the avid skeptic and the average Aussie. The goal is to help open people’s eyes to let Christ’s light be seen, drawing them to believe that he is not only good news for making sense of and transforming this life, but that his claims are trustworthy and true.


Is the Church Relevant?

Church is a bunch of people who follow Jesus: we join together to grow like Jesus, to worship God, to share this life with others, and to care for each other. Our purpose is to represent the reign of God—God’s Kingdom—through our actions and our words; above all, it’s by the way we love each other that our neighbours will know God is real. If we lived this, the church would be relevant. Yet often we’re more known for abusive authority, harsh exclusion, and blatant hypocrisy. How might a follower of Jesus respond?

Cross Examined

Certainly Jesus is a famous figure who has defined history and is rarely more in the spot light than at Christmas. Yet like all good stories if the beginning is wrong, it casts doubt over the entire account. What can we know about Jesus 2,000 years on? Are the accounts of his life trustworthy? Can we believe in something like a virgin birth in modern times or the idea that his birth, and life were prophesied hundreds of years before? Is there good evidence for the Christmas story?

Caught Out

Tough questions always come when least expected. They put you on the spot. They make you sweat over your intellectual, ethical, and emotional responses to pressing problems that you know are important—wars, poverty, humanity’s origin, God’s existence, globalization, climate change, other religions, eternal destiny. When hit with a really difficult question, what could you say?

What if Jesus had never been born?

Does the birth of Jesus matter? What if it didn’t happen? How could a baby born 2000 years ago make a difference to today? What would a world without Jesus look like? What is Jesus’ legacy?

Many Paths One Door

People and cultures are diverse, and there should be no surprise that there are many different religions and beliefs held by people. There are Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, morons, Jews, Jedi Knights, and people who worship their beloved football team. But are all religions valid? How do we choose? Should we choose?

Jesus: A Woman’s friend or foe?

Does Christianity work for the freedom of women or does it contribute to their oppression? At the heart of this question is this one: How did Jesus treat women? Did He reinforce the cultural norm of the day – that a woman is simply another piece of property, a possession of a man? Or did He radically reform how women should be viewed?

Unplugged: Imaging God in a High Tech World

Science and technology are part of God’s plan to bless the world and reflect His image. The issue is how we journey from the garden to the city. On that tragic day when we ate the forbidden fruit, technology became both a blessing and a curse. Would our techniques to form and transform the world magnify or mutilate the image of God in us? Do our devices draw us into God’s presence, or depress our desire for His Kingdom?

What difference does this baby make?

The birth of Jesus has been the most famous, most celebrated, and yet most controversial birth in history. What is so significant about Jesus? What impact has His life had on history?

God’s Two Books

These days science is the religious book of many atheists, and is used as the excuse and reason for not even believing in a creator God. If God is creator though, why is there so much disagreement when it comes to comparing science with the Bible? Does the Bible overtly disagree with science? Can they be reconciled? Should they be reconciled? What is the relationship between God’s Word and God’s world?

God’s Two Hands

What is it with some of the stories of the Old Testament? God can seem really angry, and even nasty. There is alot in the Old Testament that doesn’t seem to line up with God’s loving character. How are we meant to understand these stories? Is God completely loving, or does He have a dark side? Is God really like Jesus?

Is Christian Mission Good for the World

Is Christian Mission good for this world? Christianity and the Church has many things to answer for throughout history; there has been much evil done in the name of Christ. So is Christian Mission a good thing, or a harmful thing? What is the true purpose of Christian Mission? How do we response or understand the evil that has been done in the name of Christianity?

Afterlife: Christian Hope in the Face of Death

Death is a reality of life. All will go through the death experience, but what lies on the other side? Is there another side? Can anyone have a reasonable hope about death? What does death mean for the Christian? Is there an afterlife, and what does that look like?

Diablo: An Examination of Evil

Evil is sometimes viewed as a concept moreso than an actual reality.