Church Praxis Workshops

While Christianity is on the rise in the majority world, the church—that’s the people of God not just an institution—is struggling in the West. The average person is post-Christian in attitude, but pre-Christian in understanding. If there’s an Australian religion, it’s ‘apa-thea’: most simply don’t care, and are getting on with their life apart from God. Adding to this challenge is a fast changing world.

We need reliable guides to get our bearings and map the territory. We need new words and ways to reach this culture, and halt the secular slide. We need transformative practices and real models to imagine every facet of life as aimed at the Kingdom of God. The need is obvious: there’s a gulf between church and culture. But how to respond?

That’s where TRAVERSE fits in. In partnership with your church (both leadership and congregants as a united community), we’re committed to equipping you to exegete the world as well as you interpret the Word of God, bridging Church and Culture.

We’re all about PRAXIS. It exceeds simple and unreflective practice, replicating what we’ve always done with more gusto. And it is more grounded than theoretical speculation with no practical pay-off. Rather, it’s a synergy of reflective action, thoughtful practice, all serving faithful, creative and fruitful initiatives as we challenge the status quo. We’re forming wise disciples in the image of Christ, to share in the mission of God. 

Whether a standard two hour session, or combining multiple sessions into a half-day workshop, perhaps it’s timely for your church to host a Traverse event, inviting surrounding churches to join together as we seek to understand and change society in alignment Christ and his Kingdom mission.

Dave Benson (BAppSci.HMS-Ed; MA-Theology at Regent College, Vancouver; PhD-Practical Theology interdisciplinary educational project at The UQ):

As a former high school teacher, youth worker and pastor, Dave is passionate about pluralistic dialogue and the public expression of Christian faith in a post-Christendom context, toward the flourishing of all. Based in Brisbane, Australia, he lectures at Malyon College ( in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, worldviews, faith–work integration, and practical theology, also affiliated with the Millis Institute ( in the areas of ancient and medieval philosophy and Socratic dialogue. Dave is the director of Traverse (, the Malyon centre for bridging church and culture, and co-founder with his wife, Nikki, of the intentional Christian community, Christ’s Pieces (

Beyond the listed sessions, Dave has worked extensively in the areas of Scriptural engagement, education, integrating faith and learning, adolescent development and culture, and the art of theological interpretation through a practical theological model.

Professional rates: $200/hr, $500/half-day, $750/full-day, funding Traverse.

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