This online video training course in evangelism will equip you to be a sign pointing people to Jesus.

Over time we’ve associated all kinds of images with “evangelism,” and most aren’t flattering. Our multicultural society is lubricated by a kind of confused “tolerance” where every belief and every moral action is okay, as long as you don’t try and push your views or claim to have “the truth.”   Putting it bluntly, the average Australian is post-Christian in attitude, but pre-Christian in understanding.

So how do we point people to Jesus when your good gift is dismissed as bad news, or indifferently shrugged off, what then?

Signs act as physical symbols that point to something more, something deeper, and something truer.

At the heart of our identity in Jesus is the call to be a Sign, pointing all people to Christ and His Kingdom.  At its core, SIGN is a three week interactive course that equips you to share The Big Story of Christianity, and develop an intentional plan for pointing people to Jesus.  It is specifically designed for small groups, but can be done individually, or in the classroom.

The course covers topics such as:

  • How to SIGN Post the way to Jesus
  • How to fine-tune your SIGN Language
  • How to be an intentional SIGN Writer

Each week has its own page for you to download each week’s materials (participant guide and video clips).