This online video training course produced by the Bible Society Australia will help you to understand and engage with the Bible.

The Journey: Entering God’s Epic Story  

The Journey is a four week interactive course that will help you to understand and engage with the Bible. A full manuscript and discussion activities is online here.

Week 1: PILGRIM: Through the epic story of God, He’s calling us to leave the comfortable behind. Focus: What is the Bible?

Week 2: LOST: No racing ahead or repeating old steps; this six leg journey spans all of history. Focus: What’s the Bible’s story?

Week 3: BEARINGS: Ignore sceptical snakes, as “God’s Word” is plausible and credible to study today. Focus: Why should I trust this story?

Week 4: TRAVEL: Centred on Christ and His Kingdom, let’s faithfully travel on our leg of the journey. Focus: How do I live in this story?