Whatever your vocation, this content will help you discover creational design, cultural idolatry, and healing action to help you seek first God’s Kingdom in your workplace.

Check out this “Kingdom Gap” as a way of helping to place your vocation in the context of God’s mission!

Try this:

1) Imagine your vocation was carried into the New Creation. Imagine that it reflected the fullness of the Kingdom of God, where all the corrupting influences of sin are removed. (Some professions will take more imagination than others.) Think about the following dimensions:

a. The nature of the work itself (i.e., the day-to-day tasks workers do in producing something—entering data, fitting parts on an assembly line, consulting with clients, and so forth);
b. The context of the work (i.e.., the work environment and community among workers);
c. The product of the work (i.e., the central goods and/or services your business yields—computer chips, financial advice, transportation, education, and so forth); and
d. The income from the work (i.e., profits and pay from goods and services rendered)

2) Now, what is the current state of affairs? Again, consider each of the same dimensions: the nature,
context, product, and income of the work.

3) In God’s strength and prayerfully following His lead, how can I leverage my power and position to
close this Kingdom Gap? That is, how can I participate in healing action by restraining sin and
promoting shalom/flourishing? Again, seek God for particular actions you can do in each facet of
your vocation: nature, context, product, income.

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Check out this link to Malyon Centre for Integrating Faith and the Workplace!